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Post from 03.03.2018

Time is not standing still here. We are pretty busy. We are very happy that we can go to language school here in Cusco to learn Spanish well. The language school is demanding, which suits us very much. We are diligent in improving grammar, vocabulary and language skills. Despite our previous knowledge, we learn essential things every day ...   ... read more


Post from 11.02.2018
Since Thursday we are now in Cuzco. First, we have moved into a ground floor, well located and large apartment. Some rooms should also be freshly painted, but that was not the case. A missionary family already living in Cuzco helped us to buy the furniture the same day and invited us to dinner. That was a great help.
Back in the apartment
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Peruvian Authorities

Post from 07.02.2018
Yesterday we were four hours at Interpol. We waited a lot, fill out papers, got our teeth examined and gave 10 fingerprints. A power failure led to some delays. Later in the day we went to the notary for various documents and letters of attorney. We again signed many papers and gave fingerprints. We hope that...
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We are in Lima

Post from 04.02.2018

We arrived well in Lima and all our luggage too :-)) This one soon, as soon as we come to, we write more ...    ... read more

Many Donations

Post from 19.01.2018

The Eye Clinic of Diospi Suyana needs equipment. The ophthalmologists Dr. Schwarz and Dr. Künster will provide us with a so-called phaco machine for cataract operations, which will be further equipped with the appropriate ultrasonic handles ...     ... read more

The flight is booked!

Post from 18.01.2018

Off we go! The date of the flight is fixed.

We are pleased to already have many supporters of our mission and that so many are involved in our project.



Thanks to your support, since January 16 the VDM gave us the permission to leave...        ... read more



Now it´s packing time


Saying goodbye

                                                  ... read more


We Wish you a merry Christmas!

Post from 24.12.2017

The Savior was born to you and us today! We wish you happy holidays and a marvel at the crib!


A story for Christmas:


Dialogue at the crib

Philip was really lucky. He wa...         ... read more




Post from 07.12.2017


Well, if that is not a Santa Claus surprise: The following email came on 6.12. from a dear friend with the subject: "VW is to blame :-)".


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Post from 26.11.2017

Our first newsletter is finished and is currently being sent out. Anyone who would like to receive it by mail or as a PDF via email, can subscribe here.

It is also available in English!

About 4 times a year
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Klaus-Dieter John and Werner Tour UFSK-International OSYS GmbH in Regensburg


Post from 25.11.2017
From Heidelberg to Regensburg and back.

Werner met with Klaus-Dieter John, the founder of the Diospi Suyana hospital in Regensburg, Germany to take a tour of UFSK-International OSYS GmbH, a company that manufactures surgical chairs.  At one point during the tour, Dr. John, equipped with a projector, presented the history and work of the hospital.  Mr. Scherrieble, the owner of the company, along with his wife, who was also in attendance, were so inspired by the work in Peru they decided to donate a surgeon's chair and a chair for an assistant doctor, together worth more than 6000 €!
This will
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Missionary preparation course

Im Schulungsraum der VDM mit den immer dicker werdenden Ordnern.
Im Schulungsraum der VDM mit den immer dicker werdenden Ordnern.

Post from 17.11.2017
We had two very interesting weeks doing
pre-missionary seminars at the VDM in Bassum.
The first week was dedicated to administration. We learned a lot about
bookkeeping and monthly reports and talked about insurance, retirement provisions, wills and powers of attorney.

In the second week, we discussed issues such as how to deal with poverty, work in intercultural teams and
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Presentation dates



Post from 15.10.2017 (updated on 3.11. )


Photos on a big screen are great. Even more so when there is a fascinating story behind them. ... read more

Wanted poster – Who is missing?

Post from 03.10.2017


You can now find a short piece on us on the Vereinte Deutsche Missionshilfe (united German missionary organization) website, ... read more

We are preparing for our work at Diospi Suyana

Post from 12.09.2017


Yesterday we had a discussion at our place with the husband and wife who found the hospital, Dr. Martina and Dr. Klaus-Dieter John, ... read more

At a past meeting at the breakfast table, with Ursula copyright
At a past meeting at the breakfast table, with Ursula

A month of work at Diospi Suyana in Curahuasi

Post from 16.08.2017


November 1st, 2016. After 30 hours of travel we arrived in Cusco at 3300m altitude  ... read more

Martina John stellt is introducing family Keßler after the morning church service
Martina John stellt is introducing us after the morning church service

How it all began.

Post from 12.08.2017


Werner hears for the first time on TeenStreet 2011 from a colleague working as a children’s doctor in a Hospital in the mountains of Peru. The wish to work in an environment ... read more


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